Looking out for the positive

Now lets try and look out for what future holds for us .. when things will get back to normal … How is it going to be this time ??
From what I m hoping … people will stop taking things for granted … They will enjoy the moments with their loved ones.. people wont be on their phones while 6 of their friends are sitting around… There wont be any hesitations to hug the people you love … This time u probably wont think “yaar zyada to nhi hojyga/a hug would be too much” instead u will go like “hota hai to hone de/even if its too much let it be”… That doesnt mean m going to miss this chance” …
People will not ditch
their friend’s meet up plans for staying at home to watch netflix … They will actually go out.!! And when they will be on their second iced coffee .. they will still continue the convo instead of being on their phone … I mean yea obviously they will still click pictures … But this time it wont be for the gram … It will be the craziest and weirdiest shitty pictures .. in the memory of what a fabulous time they have spent together ….
Maybe people will stop complaining about the tiring metro rides and maybe appreciate the freedom of finally being able to breathe in the open sky..
Maybe they will start playing with the kids they see while coming back to home…
Maybe the people will start pretending less.. and they will start spending their times w/ the real people.. they will become brave enough to show their vulnerable self to their loved ones and will finally start expressing their true emotions to the people tht actually matters …
Maybe they will understand then that clothes are just external.. and it doesnt have anythng to do with their happiness..
Maybe they will have a better understanding about self love and self care … That its not just about facepack and bath bombs… That it can be real hard to let out your past stories on that diary page and to come out in front of your friends about how something makes you feel so terrible about yourself …
Maybe they will become brave and stop running away from the things that they need the most to come face to face with…
Maybe they will start being true to themselves..
And maybe just maybe things will change for the better …

They will hug their ppl a little too tightly before bidding them goodbyes.. they will smile at strangers (not creepily tho) .. they will give their precious time to their frnds and to the people they care about.. they will say ily more often.. they wont be afraid of showing their feelings.. they will be kind and compassionate … They will stop judging others.. bcoz now they will know that they dont know enough of the other person’s story to pass a judgement on how he/she shud be living … They will love… They will care … They will show… They will live …!!

Dont lose the hope πŸ’œ

38 thoughts on “Looking out for the positive

  1. Kudos to the girl who always manages to see the light, and care enough to show it to others as well. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

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  2. Ohh my goodness….this touched my heart deep man!!….i just loved the rhymed tunes in between✨….you are fire girl ….keep growing 😘πŸ₯€

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    1. I came back after a long time here…. And lost my readers.. so you saying this to me means so much .. like so much man.. thankyou for making me smile.. :’) hope you are having a good time. πŸ’œ


      1. Yes, I missed you on here. Good to see you come back. Keep creating from inside yourself. Stay positive, stay safe my fellow Blogger ! I am getting overbeing sick slowly. I am glad I helped you smile !!

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      2. Omg you missed me?? πŸ₯Ί Thats the best thing I heard today… I hope you get well soon James.. i hope god will understand that people as kind as you dont deserve to go thru this much pain … .. you did made me smile.. I even took a screenshot of your comment .. to add it in my “grateful for” box later. πŸ’œ


      3. Wow ! Yes, I missed you sheetalgarg. You added giant smile to my face with your comment”grateful for” boxfor later. This is the best news I have received today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, I pray for help to heal from Our Heavenly Father. I give him praise for all the good he has proved for me. Which includes great friends like you sheetalgarg

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  3. Hello Sheetal this is fantastic truth. The people and things we value are deeply highlighted when we are forced to live without them if even briefly. I like the truths of human community that you shared. Lovely expressions of the power of being genuine in daily living. Great post as usual. Blessings.πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. Indeed .. we understand their value only when we dont have access to them.. thankyou so much for all your appreciation Suzette.. Thankyou for taking out time to read … Much grateful .. hope you are doing good .. πŸŒ»πŸ’œ


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