You are enough !

Stop copying what other ppl do !! Their captions, their words, their poses, their  writeups, and what not !! See, stop losing your individuality for a someone else’s sake!! You copying them wont do you any good !! You’ll regret losing your own self while trying to be someone you are not !! You are enough just the way you are and you dont hv to try to be like someone else !!

‘cus in this way u gonna lose something that only YOU have!! Do what makes you, YOU!! And not what will be appealing to sm other human that you are trying to impress !!

Suppose even if that someone will start liking you for who you are trying to be .. how long will you pretend ..?? You will also get tired of it .. rit.??

So please be your real self .. Stop pretending to be someone you are not !! Losing you for someone is just not worth it darling.. its just not worth it!!

Reminder : You matter. You are important. And there are people who love you alot. You have a special place in their heart.. which will go vacant if you do something stupid !! Okay? πŸ’œ

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43 thoughts on “You are enough !

  1. One of the few things…insecure people need to hear is all said here.

    You are not flawed,it’s the world whose vision is corrupted.^_^

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  2. even if there is only one person who love you dearly, it is enough. And even if there is no one who loves you, it is still okay, because even then you will have yourself to love. You should never stop loving you.

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    1. Heiy!! Thankyou!! M really glad tht you nominated me … But I’ll participate some other time maybe.. hope it doesnt disappoint you.. hv a good day!! 🌻


  3. I have some blog posts that you might be interested in with self-care and self-love you should totally take a peek sometime to see if anything attracts your eye! The one about change might be the best one for you to read, I think you would adore it! xx

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  4. So truuuueeeee..!!!
    Thissss whttt uuuuu hv been repeatedly telling me since we r together..
    Thank you πŸ’œ
    Love to uuuuhhhhh bby

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  5. Yes, I agree full heartedly with you people should be themselves. We all were made the way we are for a reason. You hit this directly on the head. Keep creating such tremendous blogs full of real life emotions !

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  6. Hey there just read your content. I really liked it.
    If you’re interested in lifestyle, social blogs I would be glad to invite you to my blogs
    Hope you all doing fine in this pandemic
    Stay safe !


  7. Hello sheetalgarg Thank you for such good and kind blog post. Any one who reads this will see the kindness oozing from you my friend. I also have come to let you know I have Tagged you into ” The Most Important Guest Tag.” This is all about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You do not have to do this one. This is totally up to you.


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